When you sit down in your first class of the semester and see a beautiful girl you say to yourself, “Damn, she’s a 10!” Now imagine if that “10” taught herself HTML code in 8th grade (Charlotte). Imagine if she can cook a meal better than your Italian grandmother (Victoria). Imagine if she has a black belt in Taekwando (Alexis). It takes something more than physical beauty to be a 12.

Over 8,000 girls applied to be in the calendar this year and while many would be considered 10’s, only a select few can call themselves 12’s. A 12 is an educated, driven and down-to-earth college girl. Oh yeah, she also happens to be absolutely gorgeous. From opening pre-schools to running Fortune 500 corporations, SanDiego12 girls have aspirations that stretch far beyond any calendar modelling. Quite frankly, most of them have no actual interest in modelling! There are a lot more to these girls than their looks and if you build up enough courage to sit next to one in class, you will see for yourself.